Bikini competition is only 8 days away and Alita explain her eating and training:

Alita feels good. She just had a workout with some of the other competing girls and her trainer. So far no change in her diet but she found out what’s to come as the days get closer to the Bikini Competition. Alita got lean so her meal plans will start to contain more and more carbs as she gets closer to the competition. Eventually she’s be eating only carbs a couple just prior to the bikini competition. Her coach is now trying to fill her out and and as a result, also completely took out her cardio. The bikini category at these competitions required a softer look to the girls so looking too shredded isn’t good.

Over all she feels excited as her adventure continues. She’s always wanted to compete so she decided to set that goal and each day make a little bit of progress towards that bikini body.

She says, this competition is not all about getting that six pack. It’s much more than that. It’s about setting a goal, making a plan and not wavering form it no matter what. If a person can achieve that, you can achieve anything and anything is truly possible. Alita has not cheated or wavered in any way since she started this journey and that’s what’s she’s proud of the most. The bikini competition is just the platform where she can demonstrate her achievements and her position that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

She believes that her journey is applicable to all areas of our lives. Have a goal, stick to it and finish it.

Today her workout consisted of: 30 minutes on the step-mill, 400 lunges, 250 squats, an ab circuit, and 100 lat raises.

In the video she is eating rice cakes and almond butter.

Bikini Competition here we come!